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Design is the crux of Beville Greens. These architect-design homes focus on durable, low-maintenance exterior finishes, high-quality interior finishes, well-considered lighting, built-ins throughout, and a careful consideration of space. These homes live large in a compact footprint.


Here, neighbors have the opportunity to produce food together, to entertain together, and to grow together, all around a large central gathering space equipped with a communal fire pit. By having access to their own garden spaces and shared gathering spaces, homeowners are encouraged to build their own sense of community.


Each of these six homes are oriented towards a shared central greenspace, while still having their own private garden space — giving homeowners both privacy and community. At Beville Greens, landscaping and plant life dominates with a lush central spine connecting all 6 homes, creating a vibrant and engaged micro-community.


The design of Beville Greens focuses on creating a micro-community of residences comprised of market-rate homes, allowing for accessible homeownership in a downtown neighborhood. Here, on the near eastside, a new model for urban living is presented.

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Designs that give you room to grow.

A home and green community.

These homes have been carefully thought out to include everything you would need for small urban living.  With communal areas and plenty of interior room, Beville Greens will make you feel at home. 

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